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Everything You Need to Know About Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes nowadays are becoming the most dreaded places for elderly people as it has gained enough negative reputation to make them hate being in one. However, through decades, some nursing homes and homes for the aged remain to be of good reputation for the services they rendered and the nursing care they provide. To learn more about Assisted Living Facility, visit Seasons Largo. However, despite all of these, placing an elderly in a nursing home is like depriving them of their privacy, independence as well as personal freedom. It is advisable to admit patients in a nursing home only if they are in need of persistent medical attention an relying their medications to specially trained nurses and caregivers is necessary. However, for those elderly people who doesn't need special medical treatment, one notable alternative is admitting them to an Assisted Living Facility or ALF.

These facilities differ from a nursing home in so many ways. While nursing homes deprive their patients from the independence they want the most, these facilities focus on assisting the elderly in their everyday routine and make sure they have enough assisted activities for the day. Nursing homes provide good treatment to their patients while assisted living facilities does the same without depriving the elderly of the independence they needed.

Guided Independence

Because most residents in assisted living facilities are not in need of persistent medical care, they are left to do physical activities without compromising their security as well. To learn more about Assisted Living Facility, click here. Like in nursing homes, the patients are also guided in bathing, eating, medications and they are also given housekeeping personnel. However, they care provided for them is not as intensive as those provided in nursing homes.

How does it differ from nursing homes?

Sending your loved one in a nursing home or any facility is a tough choice as there are many factors to consider.

Rates. Assisted living facilities are much costly than nursing homes because in these facilities, the elderly are put in an apartment setting where they have their own suite. On the other hand, nursing homes cost less because the patients live in a less-private communal space and they usually share the same facilities.

Medical attention. Nursing homes where more professional medical practitioners are housed offer intensive care to their patients a compared to assisted living facilities.

Facilities available. In Assisted living facilities, the spaces are specially tailored for every individual while in nursing homes, the space are mostly communal and are shared by a number of patients.

Level of care. While assisted living facilities focus on individual care and attention, nursing homes are more concerned in taking care of all their patients at the same time.

Assisted living facilities are specifically made to assist the elderly who are not in need of intensive care but mere assistance in their activities while nursing home are made to provide care for people in need of persistent medical care.

When deciding whether placing a loved one in a care facility, these are important factors to consider to ensure that they get the right care they need. Nursing homes are the best place for patients that require thorough medical assistance while assisted living facilities are for those who need less of this and more attention on their daily activities.Learn more from

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